Erica offers lessons based on classical vocal technique that can be applied to any style of singing. Her specialty is Musical Theatre singing and belting. "I think of my teaching style as very technical with a strong dose of body awareness, movement, and expressive intent." Erica's teaching philosophy includes helping each student discover the Ease, Balance, Flexibility, and Consistency of their instrument through exploration of the mechanism, and by guiding them to uncover how the full self participates. Artistry and expression on the voice is a key facet to this exploration. 

"Additionally, my goal is to shape a strong performer by encouraging thorough analysis of text and character as it relates to specific repertoire, and exploring how acting is tied indelibly with tone and phrasing. Answer me, 'so what'? What are you communicating? Realizing that the intention is forever and inexorably enmeshed with the intensity and vice versa is an important part of that communication. What does the text give you in addition to existing notes and rhythms? How is the intensity of this text aided by dynamics, color, tone, balance, etc.? I will challenge my students to consider the Why in addition to the How and instead of the How Impressive."