Cora Joe Anderson, BFA Acting Ithaca College, '15

"I had untapped potential when I entered Erica’s studio, and I knew it. I was always a 'singer', but completely of my own accord. Erica was everything I had hoped for in a vocal coach at Ithaca College. She taught me technique and placement for belting, and in my experience, teachers are afraid to venture into this recently necessary vocal style. After two short months I remember returning home and a friend was shocked at my growth. With a few simple yet diligent exercises, I freed up layer after layer of my vocal capability. I’m still growing, and I can feel it at every lesson, but I now have a vocal confidence I never dreamed of when I began. That’s actually my favorite part of Erica; she inspires confidence in my voice and my person. She has become one of my greatest collegiate mentors and friends, and I am so lucky to have found such a perfect match in a voice teacher."

Abby Church, How To Succeed..., White Christmas, Broadway

Erica is a phenomenal voice teacher.  She has the combination of two very important (and very hard to come by) qualities - not only is she smart, she is also very personable.  In a voice teacher, this is pure gold.  Erica helped me develop my voice and performing abilities immensely during my time at Ithaca College.  She worked with my maturing voice, helping me to gain range and learn proper vocal technique.  She improved my vocal health, expanded my repertoire, and most importantly, increased my confidence.  She encouraged ability I didn't even know I had!  And I had a blast every single lesson. The skills that Erica taught me have been invaluable in my professional career.

Laura Brennan, BFA Acting Ithaca College, '15

Erica was exactly the voice teacher I needed as a BFA Acting major at Ithaca College. Thanks to Erica’s exceptional knowledge of the vocal instrument, I learned something new from every lesson. I left each lesson feeling rejuvenated and inspired to continue practicing. Erica challenged me with new technical exercises and inspired me to own my voice. When I started with Erica, I was a tentative soprano with a desire to understand my belting range. After four years with Erica, I am a confident soprano and proud mixer with a healthy belting technique. Erica’s encouragement and empathy were vital to my growth as a performer, and her presence as a strong female role model was essential to me as I grew into adulthood. Lessons with Erica are a gift!

Katarina Andersson, BM Voice Performance/Music Ed, Ithaca College

Erica is the best private, independent voice teacher in the area. She has a solid knowledge base in technique, physiology and artistry across a wide range of musical styles. Beyond that, she's also particularly skilled in effectively communicating these concepts to the individual student. In listening to a student, Erica has a sharp ability to identify and prioritize what needs work, and knows just how to go about working on them. She seems to have an array of different ways to explain and work on each singular concept, and chooses the one(s) that will be most effective for that student and his/her specific learning styles. Lessons are always challenging, but full of "breakthroughs" and never discouraging. Walking out of a lesson, I always feel like something significant has been accomplished. Because of Erica, I have grown immeasurably not just as a vocalist, but as a whole performer of classical and musical theatre repertoire. Lastly, it is clear that Erica cares for each student and places a high emphasis on vocal health. I completely trust her with my voice, and with my highest recommendations.